A tiny later at guild, Bisca and you can Alzack go back using their jobs and Asuka presents them on the Lacrima
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A tiny later at guild, Bisca and you can Alzack go back using their jobs and Asuka presents them on the Lacrima

One minute afterwards, a ring out of kite-having fun with theft, calling themselves Orca Feather Flying Bandits, swoop for the and you will deal new Lacrima souvenir out-of Asuka’s hands. Natsu wishes Ready to bring your in order for he can wade just after them, but the Surpass remains sleeping on the ground into the shock across the kiss and you will bemoaning one to their dear lips was basically damaged. Saddened observe this lady beloved items taken, Asuka opens flame into the bandit exactly who grabbed the latest Lacrima which have her doll firearm and you may is able to strike all of the decide to try; yet not, given that firearm is not real, the thieves bring no wreck, and you may remain its refrain. Watching Asuka burst with the rips, Natsu forces the young women’s hat down more than her eyes and you will, given that lady shoots thoughtlessly, Natsu uses his Wonders to help you capture on the foes. Even with it being him who hit him or her, the guy pretends that it was Asuka whom test him or her down, making Lucy note that the guy lost the crowd back into the newest guild deliberately to make the lady happier, as a result to make Lucy see Natsu’s an effective front side. [70]

During the react to its amazed phrases, Natsu and Lucy identify which they took Asuka to the a number of simple efforts, together with confused hitched pair next identify that the Lacrima is this new prize they acquired upon achievement of the very first purpose they took together with her. In the event that anybody else ponder as to why that they had actually ever traded such as a cherished souvenir away, they merely point out that they had so you can which Asuka create understand ultimately, before leaving having house. On your way out of the guild, Asuka tells this lady parents you to definitely Natsu and you can Delighted kissed, on the a few one another leaving comments one Natsu and you will Pleased yes hunt to get collectively really. If you are Lucy giggles regarding it, Natsu and Happy browse unwell. [71]

Fairies’ Xmas [ ]

When Christmas arrives during the Magnolia, brand new members of Group Natsu, also Juvia, Gajeel, Levy, and you may Pantherlily every gather into the Lucy’s flat so you’re able to celebrate they, much to Lucy’s chagrin. Erza then demands this lady to join in, and start taking, leading to this lady in order to rapidly score intoxicated. Lucy, in her drunken county asks one Natsu begin purring, assuming the guy declines, she details your, and you may begins purring themselves, far so you can Natsu’s own chagrin. Erza following starts the “Guild Learn Games”, in which whoever picks ideal count extends to buy the remainder in the space around, evoking the ladies (cut Erza) to help you rapidly sober upwards. In the video game, Natsu is designed to moving nude, much so you’re able to Lucy’s pity, and you will Lucy gets hot wax dripped to this lady right back, much in order to Natsu’s frustration. At some point the game closes when Erza is distributed house, making others outdone in her flat.

Brick Ages [ ]

During the a primitive form, Natsu and you can Happier was browse an effective boar, when they select Lucy soaking-up a share, and you will manage to bring the lady. They bring the lady back once again to the latest men’s room town, where Makarov implies that this woman is an excellent “woman”, in advance of being incapacitated whenever their “sausage” are naughty. http://www.datingranking.net/bbw-dating-france/ Unfortuitously, that is quickly observed right up by rest of Lucy’s tribe, all women, coming in to keep this lady. It without difficulty defeat the new boys (who’re and incapacitated by the the “sausages”), even if Natsu will not let Lucy wade. As he retains to the woman, he occur to gropes this lady, consequentially “awakening” his or her own “sausage”, and that frightens the ladies away. Natsu was left baffled however, fulfilled, while the Lucy sobs more being left behind. Yet not, while the she is weeping, Natsu cuts the girl binds, and you may affectionately pats her to the head, stating that she actually is “his”, and you can he’ll manage the lady now. Up on reading this, Lucy blushes, and you may calms off.

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