Nutrafol doesn’t regrow new hairs, but as far as I know it doesn’t even claim this
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Nutrafol doesn’t regrow new hairs, but as far as I know it doesn’t even claim this

Yes, it claims to be the best hair growth formula and so on, but it doesn’t say anything about bald scalps. It might work even for this (as it’s still a potent formula), but it’s going to take way more than 3 months.

Maybe the brand uses emotional promises to make customers buy Nutrafol but most do that. So I don’t necessarily see it as a bad thing, it’s just part of marketing. And it’s something every brand does, so I’m already used to it.

I have my sister who is suffering from alopecia. She is losing hair and does not seem to find anything to help her. She’s not very fond of supplements and preferred natural remedies… I can recall avocado hair masks, green tea rinse and even rice water but nothing helped more than 1 month, then the shedding returns just like before. I think nutrafol can be a good solution for her. But she’s never tried any supplement so I’m not sure if it could work. There’s a ton of money to pay from the first time… I would look into Folexin instead. I read some other good ratings about it, but do you think that’s available in the case of alopecia as well? Thank you.

I used to have thick, voluminous hair so this is hard to deal with

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Hi Adnyss, I’m sorry to hear about your sister. Alopecia is one of the top causes of hair loss and it’s one of the most severe, because it’s caused by an auto-immune problem. So there aren’t many things to do against it.

My dermatologist recommended this product, so I ordered it from Amazon

Natural remedies are pretty weak in this case. Even though I recommend home-made masks and scalp oils when it comes to alopecia, they’re not strong enough. On the other hand, I do recommend supplements because they have a more powerful effect overall.

Now, coming back to Nutrafol I think it’s a great product for hair loss, including alopecia. I’m not saying it can stop the hair loss, completely but it can decrease it and make the hair grow much faster than before.

However I do agree that Nutrafol is extremely expensive. And considering there aren’t too many reviews about its effect in alopecia, it’s probably not a good first choice. I’m speaking in terms of price.

I actually think Folexin is a better option at least for the beginning. If you sister sees an improvement in her symptoms and wants to try a more expensive product, she can then switch to Nutrafol. But Folexin is a much better choice in terms of money.

In my case, Nutrafol and Folexin had about the same results. I don’t have alopecia, but I think they still work about the same even in this case. So my advice is to start with Folexin, see how it works for your sister and then decide if you want a more expensive supplement (like Nutrafol). naughty dates com Hope this helps.

I’m in my 60’s and hair has started thinning out in the past years. Even though I’m taking this product for over 3 months, I’m not getting the expected results. Hair is still falling out, not as bad as it used to, but it’s still shedding. I do seem to have some better volume, but it’s still far from how my hair used to be. Considering I’m paying almost $90 for every bottle, I don’t know how long I should continue to use it, since I’m not seeing real results. I can see it’s a certified supplement but this no longer means anything for me. I’m thinking about going for a non-certified supplement with a better price, like the one you recommended. Just wondering, did you have real results with it or it just seems effective as a formula? Thanks!

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