The fresh Elezen race is just one of the earlier racing when you look at the Eorzea
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The fresh Elezen race is just one of the earlier racing when you look at the Eorzea

During the Finally Dream FFXIV: A world Reborn , the only battle that has reported only dominion all over Eorzea is actually the Elezen race. Which competition seems like the Miqo’te race, however, generate zero mistake, he’s some various other: Elezer is actually an enthusiastic elf such as for instance competition. As well, this new Elezen have the most powerful feeling of honor, cleverness and satisfaction in the wide world of Latest Dream XIV.

Wildwood Elezen

The Wildwood Elezen live in the fresh new Black colored Shroud (Gridania) and in Coerthas (Ishgard). He is a lot of time limb some body and now have large ears (their appearance try elven) letting them possess a keen feeling of reading. While doing so, Wildwood exhibits a natural affinity with wonders.

Duskwight Elezen

The fresh new Duskwight are making their residence on forest caverns to have centuries, primarily on Black colored Shroud. They appear similar to the cousins. The only distinction ‘s the shade of the surface, that the case are deep with their form of lives.

Hrothgar race

Hrothgar ‘s the almost every other competition you to definitely made the first inside Final Fantasy: Shadowbringers , same as Hrothgar is another feline-such battle, just like Miqo’te. According to fandom video game neighborhood , the appearance of Hrothgar reminds all of us regarding Kimarhri, the epic profile away from Last Fantasy x, and in addition we consent.


The new Helions , in lieu of New Forgotten clan, provides brown fur over all their health. Inside old decades, The new Helions will be founded throughout the southern area for Ilsabard but now live in the Eorzea. The sole cause of life to have Helions is the queen, to have exactly who he is capable to lay down its lifetime.

The fresh new Forgotten

This new Forgotten usually have come 100 % free heart somebody, that have a good nomadic existence unbound from the desires of your own monarch. The skin of one’s Destroyed is white and you will grey, and generally are ready finishing great journeys only on foot and you may addressing many operate, regarding peddler in order to sellersword.

Lalafell battle

Lalaffel is, maybe, this new cutest race when you look at the Last Dream 14. Out of all the FFXIV races of Final Dream XIV industry, Lalafell ‘s the smallest, very similar to a beneficial dwarf, however, fancy and you can a kid-for example battle. He is native to the islands of southern waters, but Lalafell located the path by way of burgeoning trading routes. Lalafell is actually appealing of people off overseas and you may, perhaps, more industrial battle in the wide world of Latest Fantasy fourteen.

Lalafell existence, mostly, within the Ul’dah, the nice city of business located in the wilderness regarding Thanalan, towards the south off Aldenard. Papalymo, Tataru are a couple of Lalafells of one’s Scions of the 7th Dawn. Papashan additionally the Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo from Ul’dah are two of the very approved Lalafell.


Plainsfolk are traders during the Limsa Lominsa, which is why they paid in this area years ago. Also, Plainsfolk was mostly farmers, however, usually very alongside Limsa Lominsa wanting shelter. He could be quick plus they run out of fuel however they features a good great sharpness from brain and you will swiftness.


Dunesfolk may be the founders of one’s high town of Ul’dah, formerly labeled as Belah’dia and you will Sil’dih. This new Dunesfolk provides a powerful temperament, which is good for the company of that high city.

Hyur race

Hyur is short for the most significant inhabitants when you look at the Eorzea. The new Hyur have been shown to own become the initial battle in order to have come to that particular continent of surrounding isles and you can continents. Hyur is mediocre in every senses compared to almost every other events, in person and you will emotionally, regarding create and level. Hyur is an exceptionally short competition and you can journey much time distances for the ft. Hyur race try split into several clans: new midlanders plus the highlanders.

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